Demi: Instagram

"Yayy!! Thanks MTV!! All cred goes to @avoyermagyan @johnny_stuntz &@jillpowellglam aka THE BEST!!!!"
"REALLYDONTCARE on Teen Choice in 40 mins!!!! emojiemoji"
"How pretty is @christinaperri?! Beyond excited for tour. Can't wait her sing every night. Can't wait to see our silly vids we did emoji"
"emoji @sheenasujan"
"I mean... We practically made out."
"Um.... excuse me sir.. Would that be debit or credit?? #randomwedgies#heycoolshorts"
"Oh hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Mr. Stingray  (btw - that was just ONE of about 20 I was swimming with) more coming soon." 
"That one time I was swimming under the glass in my bungalow...... And got sucked away by the current......"


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