Cody: Instagram

"Couple dudes.. Thank you @ciscoadler for teaching me to ride the zuvuya with you. I'm very excited for the world to hear the music we produced together.#FREE"
"Peace of mind.. Earth day.. Connect with your own universe and you'll find joy in solitude. Cool day learning some Ben Harper tunes and sittin with these awesome Black Orchid candles! Open up"
"Logging Topanga with daddio @_bradsimpson this morning. Wake up early, dawn is a many splendored thing. @almondsurfboards #free"
"Italian gem stones in the warm sand Sicily's not far way Silver sunshine in my cold hands The moon's mirror on my day Redwood trees under the golden skies California tells her age Bandana in my pocket from a long lost lover To keep with me on my way Plant the seed and let the flower grow Freedom's diamonds or the system's stones? The earth can give us all an equal chance We just have to let her into her home CS"



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